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About Us

Your Brand Asia is a full-cycle branding and marketing agency that takes brands from their creation to their market launch. We use all the latest digital tools to make our clients' brands appear on the market like stars and attract attention. LAUNCHING BRANDS INTO SPACE

We are a service-oriented company that exists to identify, source and supply quality products and services to selected market segments. Our strengths are to market and sell premium products in Asia, and to provide sourcing services for our customers outside Asia .


In support of this, we are committed to:

  1. Honor all our business commitments

  2. Being recognized by customers and the business community as an innovative, dedicated and reliable supplier of quality solutions, products and services

  3. Being recognized by principals as a professional and aggressive partner in the mutually profitable business of marketing their products

  4. Being recognized by the Your Brand Asia family as well as the public for integrity and sound business management

  5. Provide the optimal working environment for employees by rewarding merit performance and looking after staff welfare, and providing training and personal development in order to increase their contributions to the Company

  6. Maximize returns to shareholders


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Your Brand Asia was established in 1954 to coordinate trading activities in South East Asia.  Due to the rapid economic development in the region, affiliated and subsidiary companies within South East Asia were set up to cope with the corresponding increased trading activities. Today, the Singapore office has expanded its business activities across Asia inclusive of Greater China.

Our business operations and subsidiary companies are coordinated by separate divisions of regional and local managers with thorough knowledge in their respective fields. Efficient support services provided by logistics, store, delivery, credit control and accounting departments contribute towards providing best services to both clients and agency principals.

By combining a strong tradition of business integrity and quality, innovation and reliability, we have steadily expanded our international sales, marketing and representation services. Through our network, we continue to cultivate lasting partnerships that underscore our commitment to the region. 


We market, sell, distribute and retail products such as technical materials, machinery and laboratory instruments, printing consumables and aviation technology, luxury goods and watches as well as pianos. To serve our customers worldwide, we have extensive sourcing facilities in our region. We even have the turnkey expertise to build, operate and maintain world-class entertainment and tourism facilities.

With our background, we believe there are few companies better positioned to offer you the experience, people, infrastructure and spirit of partnership needed to attain success in Asia.  


Whether you are a buyer, manufacturer, supplier or entrepreneur, join our Group as we continue building a future of business opportunities in Asia .

For more information or if you are interested in business development or employment, please contact us and one of our representatives will contact you.

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